About House Clearances

About House Clearances

We know how emotionally challenging it can be to deal with house clearances for family homes. As a company owned and led by women, our leaders have each personally gone through this journey with a loved one, so we are familiar with the emotional rollercoaster and stress you may be experiencing.

Whenever we help families through the emotionally challenging property clearance process, it is always with a nurturing and caring personal touch – ensuring the hard work gets done quickly and carefully so you can move on to the next phase of your life.

As a sustainably-run company, we do everything possible to keep the things we collect out of the landfill and will ensure your loved one’s things are given to many great causes. Giving their possessions to our network of charities and community groups is not only great for the environment, but ensures those treasured things are treated with the respect they deserve and are loved again by someone else.

Property Clearance with Care

When taking care of your job, we will sort and separate everything by hand. This means we can keep any eye out for any emotionally sentimental or valuable items for you and bring them to your attention so you can decide whether or not you want us to take them away.

Using our house clearance service is fast, easy and safe. We will deal with all the lifting, shifting, sorting tidying and moving. It’s up to you how much – or how little – you want to do.

Our House Clearance Passion

Everyone at House Clearances™ believes that compassionate environmentally sustainable downsizing and deceased estate management is possible.

We walk alongside families going through the journey of moving house, downsizing or clearing a deceased estate. At the same time we can ensure all the unwanted items get sent to a better place by collecting, sorting, and hand loading to ensure we can redistribute, reuse and recycle through a network of local charitable, community and other recipients.

We are a professional, experienced and caring solution for families with a strong environmentally sound business proposition.

We care deeply about people, the environment and our community and love that our work has such a positive impact on all these things.

Fionna Gotts Chief Cheerleader and CEO

Fionna has helped countless families (including her own) over the years through this difficult journey. She brings a breath of fun, fresh energy plus much needed down to earth pragmatism into what can sometimes be a challenging, emotionally hard time. It would be fair to say there isn’t really any scenario that Fionna hasn’t already dealt with over her long career running Junk Run and House Clearances Ltd. Whether these be difficult family dynamics, financial worries, divorces, sudden devastating deaths, extreme hoarders, rats and mice, insect infestations – even crime scenes. The team that works with Fionna at House Clearances are carefully selected for their friendly personalities and a positive attitude. The team are Site Safe, First Aid and Health and Safety Trained. All staff have regular in-house and external training sessions on Health and Safety matters to keep themselves, clients, their families and the general public safe.Fionna has worked closely with senior living clients like Haumaru Housing and the Selwyn Foundation and with her extensive knowledge and experience – is looking forward to meeting your family to discuss how we can help you too.

Ruth Boyes Sorting, Tidying and Organising Whizz and General Manager

Ruth too has been through this process personally, and is the girl to call if you are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of stuff that needs to be sorted through. Ruth can organise the team and trucks and get the job done in no time at all, at the same time sensitively communicating and working alongside you and your family. Finding solutions that suit everyone is Ruth’s speciality and she will make sure unwanted items that have a second chance at life are donated to charities that align with your wishes or the interests of your family or deceased loved one. She has a dry sense of humour and emotional intelligence to understand when to ask the questions- and when to leave you alone for a while!