Hoarder House Clearances

Hoarder House Clearances

Here at House Clearances we have extensive experience clearing homes where hoarding junk and rubbish has unfortunately become a major issue. The occupiers of these homes have spent most of their lives with an obsession of collecting items and being unable to discard anything, resulting in piles of “things” covering most of the floors and being stacked up against walls and on any furniture. This leaves very little room to move around. Often this is referred to as “hoarding disorder”.

A hoarder’s home is usually very dirty. Many have numerous domestic animals living there too which adds to the hygiene challenges. Personal hygiene has often been neglected as the shower or bath may have been used as storage areas. The elderly hoarding homeowner may have had to go into full time nursing or been removed for their own safety into mental health care- or may have passed away, leaving a very big house clearance job for the family to deal with. Many hoarders have lived with long term chronic physical medical conditions and mental health problems and sometimes alcohol or drug dependency which has resulted in this activity.

The challenge of dealing with a hoarder’s house is even more daunting and requires the help of experienced and qualified professional help. There are major health and safety hazards to be assessed before any work to remove the rubbish should begin. These can include rodents (both alive and very much dead) and insect infestation from fleas, cockroaches, maggots, wasps and flies which is common and needs prompt attention. Often there are sharp, broken items, soiled clothing (sometimes adult nappies), rotten food and hazardous medical, chemical and asbestos waste items amongst the “rubbish”. The flooring, decking and walls of these types of homes are often rotted through underneath all these items. Great care needs to be taken once work begins. Power and water may have been disconnected (often for a long time) due to financial mismanagement so there may be bad smells, no lighting, and no way to wash hands. If the property has been sitting empty for a while it may have also been ransacked and/or used by criminals. A site-specific health and safety plan, with properly trained staff using correct personal protective gear is essential.

Help with Hoarding Clean Ups

Sometimes hiring a flexi bin or skip seems like the quickest and most cost-effective option when facing a hoarder house clean up. However, someone still has to do the lifting and moving of everything, and someone has to deal with all the “icky” stuff, the smells, all the junk to go, rubbish removal and safety factors – which is where we come in.

There is not much we haven’t already seen before when it comes to hoarder house clean ups – we have been doing this work since 2005. Over the years we have dealt with many serious cases of hoarding and have many stories to share. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. Our professional hoarding clean up team have also got experience walking onto these sites and we ensure everyone has the correct training, briefing and personal protective gear (PPE) to stay safe. Give us a ring to talk in confidence about what you need help with. 021 586 084

Auckland Hoarder Clearances with Compassion

It’s not uncommon for us to unearth jewellery, money, military service medals, uniforms, wedding outfits, photos as well as other valuable family treasures when helping to clear out a hoarder’s home. Our team members will always bring this to your attention and ensure these special items are not trashed.

Our Auckland based hoarders house clearing service is so much more than about dealing with piles of junk and rubbish – it’s about helping the family left to deal with everything! You can count on us to be kind and caring, and even though most of what we find in these house clearances may seem like a lot of rubbish, it is treated with the dignity and respect that every home should be.