House Clearance Services

House Clearance Services

Everyone at House Clearances™ believes that compassionate environmentally sustainable downsizing and deceased estate management is possible.

We walk alongside families going through the journey of moving house, downsizing divorcing or clearing a deceased estate. At the same time we can ensure all the unwanted items get sent to a better place by collecting, sorting, and hand loading to ensure we can redistribute, reuse and recycle through a network of local charitable, community and other recipients.

Deceased Estates

When a loved one has passed on, deceased estate house clearances are often one of the hardest and most overwhelming projects you have to deal with. Often feelings of guilt surround the thought of getting rid of your loved one’s belongings, and anxiety about the prospect of their possessions ending up at the tip. We often get calls from families who don’t even know where or how to make a start. Calling in a professional, experienced team like ours will help make things emotionally and physically easier and much quicker for you.


Most of our home downsizing service customers are older couples (and their families) where one partner has sadly died, or one or both now require nursing care. These events usually trigger the need to significantly downsize and declutter and a move into much smaller and more manageable living solutions- or to prepare the family home to be sold or rented.
By calling us – we can help take care of all of this for you, which helps families concentrate on navigating their way through all the other challenges they face settling their older relatives into a new lifestyle.


Here at Home Clearances we have many years of experience clearing homes where hoarding junk and rubbish has become a big problem. Often referred to as “hoarding disorder” the occupiers of these homes have spent most of their lives with an overwhelming obsession to collect “stuff” and have been unable to ever part company with anything.
Dealing with cleaning out a hoarder’s house requires the help of experienced and qualified professionals like us. There are major health and safety hazards to be assessed before any work to remove the junk and rubbish should begin.
All of our team are kind and caring, as we have honestly seen it all before over the years working with hoarders. Even though it may seem in these house clearances it is all a lot of rubbish, it is treated with the dignity and respect that every home should be.


If you are preparing to sell your home, splitting furniture or you are moving-house due to a divorce or relationship break up, let House Clearances help clear your house of unwanted furniture items and any rubbish and junk. We will ensure anything that can be used again is delivered free of charge to local charities and community groups, rather than it all ending up in landfill.
You probably have already called your lawyer for legal help, now is also the time to call professional house clearance specialists like us to ease the workload. We can do all the heavy lifting and carrying (literally), and we will bring compassion and a caring attitude, as we know what you are going through. Let us help you get this sorted quickly- so you can move on to the next stage in your life.