Caring Deceased Estate House Clearances

Caring Deceased Estate House Clearances

Deceased estate house clearances are one of the hardest things that family members or friends have to deal with after their loved one has died. Sorting and clearing the lifetime of memories and possessions in a deceased estate can be emotionally and physically overwhelming in its own right – not to mention when it is being juggled on top of one’s own family and work commitments.

We often get calls from families who don’t even know where or how to make a start. A big stress is what to do with things that you can’t keep yourself. There’s often a strong sense of guilt about getting rid of your loved one’s things, and anxiety about the prospect of possessions ending up in the dump. There may also be a pet that needs rehoming.

Sometimes the sheer magnitude of it all can be overwhelming or even embarrassing, particularly if the person tended to hang on to things or even hoard.

Compassionate Deceased Estate House Clearance

Calling in a professional, experienced team like ours will help make things emotionally and physically easier and quicker for you.

We can either work alongside you to help sort all the items or – if you would prefer – simply come in and clear the lot. In either case, we will quickly take care of the deceased estate house clearance so it is ready to sell or rent.

We understand that this can be a difficult time and will do our best to make the process easy and stress-free as possible. Our female led team have all been through this process personally with their own families, so know exactly what you are going through and how hard it can be to find time to get everything done.

Rest assured knowing that we will treat your loved one’s things with respect. What’s more, we will do our upmost to try and find a new home for as much as possible rather than dumping it all at the tip.

As Auckland’s most sustainable deceased estate house clearance company, more than 80% of what we collect from deceased estate house clearance jobs is diverted to be reused and recycled rather than being treated as simply rubbish removal. We will sort, separate and load by hand, so if we discover something we think has sentimental or monetary value we will check with you before taking it away.

Many of our clients have told us their experience with us allowed them to move on quickly and find closure in the already challenging grieving process. Others told us that it preserved family relationships that were stretched during a difficult time.

Useful Deceased Estate House Clearance Tips

Deceased Estate House Clearances can be very physically and emotionally taxing. Here are some things you can do to make it easier on yourself:

Be guided by their will: Be sure to check whether the deceased person specified any particular things to go to family, friends, charities, etc. Also find out which person or persons will inherit the house and its contents. Do this before calling in a professional company or starting the process of sorting, donating and clearing items yourselves. You will need to work with the nominated executor of the will to ensure this is done properly.

Sentimental and valuable items: Once the designated items detailed in the will have been dealt with, then you may then wish to go through and decide which sentimental or valuable things to keep either for yourself, for close friends or for the extended family. If there are a number of relatives then consider inviting them to go through the belongings with you. Sharing stories around a table with each other as you share out things can be one of the most memorable moments during the process.

Call deceased estate house clearance professionals: Experienced professionals like us will help you through the rest of the process – carefully, quickly and compassionately – freeing you up to get on with your life.

Selling items: Our kind and caring female-led team can help identify things that you might want to consider selling. We have the experience and eye for items that would attract interest and can guide you or even help list them for you. You can attempt to sell these items yourself on sites like Trademe, Neighbourly or Facebook Market Place. We can help you get a good return by letting you know about the more valuable items so that you can get them officially appraised.

Donating items to local charities: Many charities no longer accept donations from members of the public. However, the Home Clearances team has great relationships with a network of charities and community groups. This means we will be able to find a new home for all usable items.

Rubbish removal: Clearing out a deceased estate can be a long, tedious and emotionally-fraught process that is made even worse when there’s a lot of rubbish to be removed. We can take care of all of it or you – even the icky bits – and will remove all unwanted rubbish, green waste or building materials stored under the house and if it cannot be reused or recycled we will dispose of it responsibly and clean up afterwards.

Cleaning, gardening and minor repairs: Dealing with the deceased estate house clearance is one thing, but there are often many other things that need doing in preparation for selling or renting the house. Be kind to yourself and let us take care of finding professionals who will do a great job of mowing lawns, weeding, cleaning toilets, vacuuming, washing surfaces and scrubbing floors, etc. We can also put you in touch with highly-rated property management companies and real estate agents if you are looking for recommendations.