Divorce Property Clearances

Divorce Property Clearances

The family home usually has a special place in the hearts of most Kiwi’s. If you own your house in many cases it is usually the biggest financial asset. Its’ little wonder then, that when a relationship breaks down, what happens to your property and furniture will be central to a “divorce” settlement. What happens to an existing home and where one or both partners go next will depend on the “divorcing” couple and what they decide, either between themselves or through their lawyers or a court decision.
One spouse could buy the other out and keep the house and furniture. Or the property could be sold, with the proceeds and furnishings divided. If there are children, the parent taking on the major childcare role will often want to stay put to maintain as much continuity as possible. If it is a rental property, there may be a decision to all leave and start afresh somewhere new.

Furniture Removal

During this process there are usually furniture items that need to be removed, garages, rumpus rooms and other areas on the property to be cleared. That is where it is often easier to call in professionals like us. You are already dealing with emotional turmoil, anger, grief and may be juggling opinions from friends, family and lawyers. On top there may be school, children, work and the general day to day responsibilities of normal life to deal with!
If you are preparing to sell or moving house due to a relationship break up, let us help clear your house of unwanted furniture items. We will ensure anything that has the opportunity to be used again is donated to appropriate local charities and community groups, rather than it all ending up straight to the tip.

Divorcing Downsizing

Just like you call your lawyer for legal help, now is the time to call in the help of some house clearance professionals to ease the workload. We can do all the heavy lifting and carrying – we bring compassion and a caring attitude to our clients, as we know what you are going through. We will get the furniture, junk and rubbish removal work done quickly – so you can move on to the next stage in your life.
It may seem like ordering a skip or flexi bag is a good solution. If you put things in a skip or a flexibag they all end up in landfill. We are cost effective and environmentally conscious. If anything can be used again, it will be donated free of charge to the large number of local charities and community groups we work with. Your unwanted items can go on to bring joy for many more years, instead of clogging up landfills.